February 24th 2020

BioPark Seminar

Dr Tania Quirin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            University of Helsinki, Finland

« Replicase Proteins Under Scrutiny : Trans-Replication Systems to Dissect RNA Virus Replication »

Invited by Denis Lafontaine, Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

24.02.2020 / 11:30 > 12:30 PM IBBM, Sale Ovale / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


February 28th 2020

SAVE THE DATE - Presentation of Quality by Design Methodology and ISPE Belgium

QbD recently joined Biopark and is very excited to get to know the other members.

That's why QbD and ISPE Belgium, are happy to invite you on Tuesday 28th April to a network lunch, while enjoying some interesting keynotes. It will be the perfect lunch break, covering next programme:
11h30: Welcome
12h00: Keynote 'quality by design methodology' -  Dominiek Rossillion, QbD
12h15: Keynote 'International society for pharmaceutical engineering' - Denis Fabris, ISPE Belgium
12h30: Q&A
12h35: networking lunch

This networking moment will take place at Biopark on site (Rue Auguste Piccard 48 à Gosselies).
More practical information and guidelines on how to register will follow soon. But now, you can already block your agenda for this lunch session.


28.02.2020 / 11:30 > 12:35 PM At BioPark - Rue Auguste Piccard,48 6041 Gosselies


February 21st 2020

BioPark Seminar

Dr Olga Baron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kings College London

« Using Drosophila genetics to drive understanding of mechanisms important for chronic pain »

Invited by Eric Bellefroid, Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

21.02.2020 / 11:30 > 12:30 PM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


February 7th 2020

BioPark Seminar

Damien HERMAND                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 UNAmur

« Codon-specific dihydrouridine modification of the tubulin mRNA is required
for meiotic metaphase I and II »

Invited by Bruno André, Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

07.02.2020 / 11:30 > 12:30 PM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


January 16th 2020


Clinical research also refers to a multistakeholder landscape in which tracing its path can be a challenging task, in particular for SMEs willing to bring their health innovations ultimately to the patients. Areas of concern are effective implementation and conduct of clinical trials, as well as the timely recruitment of patients next to the structural funding of clinical research in hospitals.

As an output of a task force and to answer many of the questions life sciences SMEs are facing, BioWin and have jointly decided to organise for you this conference on clinical research in Belgium.

Please find more informations here

16.01.2020 / 9:00 > 6:30 PM Square Brussels Convention Center - Mont des Arts, 1000 Bruxelles


January 24th 2020

BioPark Seminar

Julie Déchanet-Merville, University of Bordeaux.

« To be announced »

Invited by David Vermijlen, PhD, Department of Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutics - Institute for Medical Immunology (IMI)

24.01.2020 / 11:30 > 12:30 PM BIOPOLE-IMI, Salle détente / Rue Adrienne Bolland 8, 6041 GOSSELIES


January 14th 2020

BioPark Seminar

Dr Geoffrey Laurent, Michigan State University

« Role of the neuro-immune crosstalk in remission of persistent pain »

Invited by Eric Bellefroid, Department of Developmental Cell Biology

14.01.2020 / 11:00 > 12:00 PM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


December 6th 2019

BioPark Seminar

Pr Franck Dequiedt, GIGA

«Transcription factors: is it only about mRNA synthesis?»

Invited by Maud Martin, PhD, Department of Molecular Biology

06.12.2019 / 11:30 > 12:30 PM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


November 8th 2019

BioPark Seminar

Maxime Dhainaut
Icahn school of médicine, Mount Sinai, New York

«From Pro-Code/CRISPR Genomics to Spatial Functional Genomics: Dissecting cytokine signaling in cancer cells»

Invited by Cyril Gueydan, Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

08.11.2019 / 11:00 > 12:00 AM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


November 21st 2019

Digital Health : the road from idea to patient

Healthcare is becoming more and more digital.  Every day, new medical devices pop up.  During this conference, we enlighten the full product lifecycle of medical devices: from idea to patient.

Please discover the information and the program here.

21.11.2019 / 12:00 > 9:00 PM GreenHouse Brussels / Berkenlaan 8A+8B / 1831 Diegem, Belgium


October 30th 2019

BioPark Seminar

Christophe DESMET
Giga, Université de Liège

"Translation regulation and quality control in hematopoiesis"

Invited by Stanislas Goriely, Guillaume Oldenhove & Cyril Gueydan, Institut d’Immunologie Médicale & Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

30.10.2019 / 1:30 > 2:30 PM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


October 15th 2019

Comment préparer votre levée de fonds?

Les Associés Deloitte & Laga ont le plaisir de vous inviter à un séminaire consacré à l’innovation. La levée de fonds sera abordée sous différents angles par des experts Deloitte, spécialisés dans les domaines financiers, juridiques et fiscaux. Monsieur Delporte, CEO de Miracor, ainsi que des représentants de la Banque Européenne d’Investissement, viendront témoigner de leur expérience.

L’agenda sera le suivant :

16h30 - 17h00 Accueil

17h00 - 17h20 Préparer son reporting financier à une levée de fonds  
Julie Delforge, Partner Deloitte Audit

17h20 - 17h40 Création de valeur au sein de mon entreprise
Vincent Trevisan, Partner Deloitte Accountancy & Advisory


17h40 - 18h00 Aspects juridiques d’une levée de fonds
Benoit Féron, Partner LAGA Corporate and M&A


18h00 - 18h20 Impact des subsides, de l'IP et des incitants fiscaux
David Verwilghen et Julie Jadoul, Deloitte Business Tax


18h20 - 18h30 Q&A


18H30 Cocktail

15.10.2019 / 4:30 > 8:30 PM i-Tech Incubator / Rue Auguste Picard 48, 6041 Gosselies


October 14th 2019

BioPark Seminar

BD- Panel Design workshop (see atteched)

For registration, please contact Carine Lahaye or Hans Rasschaert


14.10.2019 / 9:00 > 10:00 AM POINT CENTRE / Rue G. Lemaître 19 - 6041 Gosselies


October 4th 2019

BioPark Seminar

aboratoire de Biochimie, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, IP Paris

« Trm112, a toolbox protein for RNA méthyltransférases »

Invited by Denis Lafontaine, Pôle biologie cellulaire du développement

For more information please contact Caroline Lamy


04.10.2019 / 11:30 > 12:30 AM IBMM Auditoire BRACHET / Rue Jeener et Brachet 12, 6041 GOSSELIES


September 24th 2019

Annual Event Evidence-based biotechnologies: the future is in (y)our hands

This year, focuses its annual event on the 3 following topics:
• Agrobiotechnologies – Genome editing: nice to have or must have?
• Health biotechnologies – Cell & Gene therapies, the game changer versus classical therapies?
• Industrial biotechnologies – Bioplastics: the markets are ready, what about the industry?
3 main themes in 3 short sessions that will allow scientists, the industry and the authorities to share their insights from their respective fields of expert.

24.09.2019 / 3:00 > 6:00 PM FEB Fédération des Entreprises de Belgique Rue Ravenstein 4 - 1000 Bruxelles


October 10th 2019

Brussels South Charleroi BioPark 20th AnniversaryIn the past 20 years, the BioPark has transformed into a full life sciences innovation ecosystem and positions itself as the science-driven biopark at the heart of Europe, a great place to work, do research, invest and grow businesses. We have the great pleasure of inviting you to celebrate its 20th anniversary and hope to share this inspiring evening with you !

10.10.2019 / 6:15 > 10:00 PM Point Centre Conference Center - Avenue Georges Lemaître, 19B - 6041 Gosselies