Buzz4Bio : Cell and Gene Therapies vol.5 – 12 & 13 of March

March 12th - 13th 2024

The 5th edition of Cell & Gene Therapies is THE ideal european congress to exchange ideas with the major players in biomanufacturing and all SMEs motivated by innovation in Life Sciences. 

Business meetings, round tables, masterclass, conferences... all the ingredients are in place to develop your business.

The event's philosophy is simple: initiate and support sharing between the various participants to highlight practices and good processes dedicated to the cell and gene therapy value chain.


How to participate at Buzz4bio ? 

As a visitor 

Get a 2-day pass including your entrance tickets for each day as well as access to 10 business meetings.


Participation in the masterclass and business lunch is subject to additional registration. 


As a speaker and exhibitor

Our success no longer allows us to accept new registrations.



Pay attention, the event is open by registration only.


What are the conferences in place ?

Day 1

  • Exosomes, a promising alternative to cell therapy in regenerative medicine
  • Exosome Engineering and Cellular Therapies: at the Crossroads paths
  • Implementation of Videodrop for real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process of viral and non-viral vectors
  • Innovative automatic filling unit operating under aseptic conditions compliant with GMP requirements
  • The biomanufacturing of plasmid DNA: the raw material for innovative therapies
  • So that Sustainable Biomanufacturing is not just an empty word
  • Towards a Low Carbon Pharmaceutical Industry: Process Engineering and Expertise at the Heart of the Energy Transition
  • Innovation and Excellence: RISE’s Mission at the forefront of Gene and Cell Therapy
  • Alt-R HDR, a chemically modified donor DNA for optimized knock-in efficiency
  • VectorBuilder, gene delivery technologies

Day 2

  • Model-driven Artificial Intelligence in operational research : from space exploration to bioproduction
  • From scratch to GMP readiness : UCB Gene Therapy Analytics storytelling
  • Accelerating the development of Gene Therapy infrastructures by digitalized engineering
  • Insurance and risk management throughout the Cell and Gene Therapy  manufacturing chain: are we talking about it?
  • Building a partnership to accelerate research in Cell and Gene Therapy
  • On-line monitoring of a cell culture bioreactor: cell counting and process control
  • Accelerating AAV manufacturing: existing and future solutions
  • The ATMP value chain: a strategic priority for Wallonia
  • Supply chain for Gene and Cell Therapy medicines: the viewpoint of the Qualified Pharmacist

Who are the speakers at Buzz4bio?

  • Audit & Risk Solutions (FR)
  • BioPark Charleroi (BE)
  • Bio-Rad (BE)
  • Biowin (BE)
  • Ciloa (FR)
  • convEyXO (BE)
  • Creapharm (FR)
  •  Ekium (BE)
  • Genko (BE)
  • Gerresheimer (DE)
  • Integrated DNA Technologies (USA)
  • Ipragroup (FR/BE)
  • KPMG (BE)
  • Myriade (FR)
  • Polyplus (FR)
  • RD-Biotech (FR)
  • SalamanderU (BE)
  • Tebubio (BE)
  • UCB (BE)
  • ULiège - RISE (BE)
  • Vectorbuilder (DE)


Who runs a stand at Buzz4bio ?

  • Air Liquide Healthcare
  • Barré SA (BE)
  • Biokryo (BE/FR)
  • Ciloa (FR)
  • Clean Biologics (FR)
  • CoCEPtio (BE)
  • ConveyXo (BE)
  • Eppendorf (DE)
  •  Farbridge Pharma Consulting (USA)
  • Gerresheimer (DE)
  • Integrated DNA Technologies (USA)
  • Ipragroup (FR-BE)
  • Led techno (BE)
  • Myriade (FR)
  • Ouat (BE)
  • Polyplus (FR)
  • Quality Assistance (BE)
  • RD-Biotech (FR)
  • SalamanderU (BE)
  • Seqalis (BE)
  • SolidFog (BE)
  • Tebubio (BE)
  • ULiège - RISE (BE)
  • VectorBuilder (DE)

12.03.2024 - 13.03.2024 / 8:30 > 6:00 PM Hotel Charleroi Airport Van der Valk, Chaussée de Courcelles 115 - 6041 Charleroi

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