Training courses for the 2nd semester of 2020

June 25th 2020

Candice Leblanc

Registrations for the training modules offered by continuing education centre ULB HeLSci will open at the end of June. The training catalogue has been adapted to suit the participants’ needs, with emphasis on flexibility!

The ULB HeLSci training centre has adjusted to the COVID-19 lockdown, with a number of training courses held remotely in the spring. ULB HeLSci has learned from this first experience, and adapted its course catalogue accordingly for the 2nd semester of 2020.

There are now three course formats:

  • In-person sessions: educators and learners are physically present at the BioPark, on the Erasme campus and/or on a company’s premises for in-office training.
  • Synchronous remote sessions: educators offer live classes to learners at home, who can ask questions by chat or during dedicated Q&A sessions.
  • Asynchronous remote sessions: educators record content for learners to access on demand. These often rely on a variety of formats: video, graphics, exercises, etc.


Remote or in-person learning

Learners generally pick between these two formats based on their learning goals. The catalogue also includes a number of ‘hybrid’ courses, which combine in-person classes and remote sessions.

Certain subjects lend themselves more to one format or the other. For instance, synchronous remote sessions were found to be especially well suited to biostatistics modules. ‘Previously, trainers would provide feedback to learners one at a time’, says Erika Baus, head of science at ULB HeLSci. ‘Using Microsoft Teams (1), they can now take control of one learner’s screen and share their comments and explanations with all the others.’


Maximum flexibility

Whatever your situation, ULB HeLSci can provide training. ‘Several in-person courses can easily be switched to remote sessions’, assures Erika Baus. ‘We are looking into how to adapt modules that involve hands-on work, for instance by offering demonstrations.’  Another possibility is the development of new learning modules based on virtual reality. In all cases, ULB HeLSci wishes to offer the most effective training sessions, while ensuring maximum flexibility in order to adapt to all situations.


In practice

Learners can register to ULB HeLSci courses online:

  • Here for in-person classes,
  • Here for asynchronous remote sessions (virtual reality and eLearning).

Fees range from €75 to €275 for academic staff members, and from €150 to €550 for businesses and private individuals.

>> Download the training catalogue of the second semester 2020


  1. Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication application, a virtual platform dedicated to team work included in the Office 365 suite.