Services tailored for companies

November 27th 2019

Caroline Lamy is the management assistant of the Pôle ULB-Charleroi and the CMMI. Perrine Schepers is admin manager and soft landing liaison officer of BioPark Dev. Together, they manage the relationships between companies and ULB and BioPark’s institutional bodies. We have met with them.

What services can you provide to companies looking to join the BioPark?

Perrine Schepers (PS): ‘One of my missions is to ensure soft landing services: when an international company wants to learn about the BioPark, I organise a visit of the campus and offices, with a presentation of the ecosystem by the parties involved. Depending on the situation, I also schedule meetings with the people or structures that companies will rely upon. And if they do end up deciding to join the BioPark, I can also help by putting them in touch with various players and by facilitating their move here.

Another task of mine is related to the BioPark’s overall real estate offering. In addition to the incubator, which we run directly, I collect information on the entire supply of real estate both on the site and throughout the region. This includes new incubators in the making, the LabHotel, and any excess square footage available in member companies’ offices. Also included are offers from real estate agencies, unbuilt land and brownfield sites. Our goal is to provide information to companies on all current and future real estate opportunities.’


What can you do for companies that are already at the BioPark?

Caroline Lamy (CL): ‘I manage the relationships between these companies and ULB, including through the three research institutes on campus: the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI), the Institute for Medical Immunology (IMI) and the Institute for Molecular Biology and Medicine (IBMM). When a company wishes to call upon one of our institutes, I find out which researcher is in charge of the technique in question and put them in touch. And if those in charge want to visit our infrastructures, Perrine and myself can arrange a meeting with our researchers.

For the past few months, in addition to my work as executive secretary, I have been carrying out administration of provisions of services and collaborations but also the entire day-to-day administrative work of the CMMI and its ERDF aspects. I also contribute to organising the services and collaborations related to the IMI cytometry platform. This gives me a clear picture of all ULB activities and collaborations on the BioPark campus.’

PS: ‘As for me, I make sure companies remain visible, by publishing news on the BioPark’s website and social network pages. I also help recruitment, by collecting and disseminating their job offers. Lastly, I am involved in the working group tasked with improving the mobility of workers at the BioPark by promoting alternatives to automobile transport.’


What events do you organise for companies at the BioPark?

CL: ‘I write the calendar of scientific seminars organised by ULB, and send it to BioPark organisations each month.’

PS: ‘Event planning is a significant part of my work. This year, I have coordinated the organisation of King and Queen of Belgium’s visit, as well as the BioPark’s 20th anniversary celebration, which gathered over 200 guests. Next year, we will host Buzz4Bio’s event Cell & Gene Therapyand organise the BioPark’s first Job Day.’

CL: ’Speaking of which, we are looking to hire an administrative assistant for the ULB-Charleroi hub. A business developer position is also open at the CMMI. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested!