In-company training courses

December 17th 2018

ULB HeLSci training centre offers tailored and à la carte courses for companies, with a view to increasing company's performance by training employees.

In a laboratory, a single handling mistake or an improperly controlled technique can result in incorrect results. It is therefore essential that all staff members receive adequate training. They must rely on a solid skill base, and take refresher and update sessions throughout their career. Success requires talent, and talent requires skills!

Perfect and maintain ‘basic’ technical skills
An example of a procedure that absolutely must be mastered is the manipulation of eukaryotic cells without contamination. ‘We examine, step by step, the manipulations conducted in the sterile environment of a laminar flow cabinet’, explains Béatrice Goxe, trainer at ULB HeLSci. ‘At the end, the student grows their cell samples in culture, and checks that everything was done correctly.’ Another example is pipetting. ‘This is a basic technique that is repeated dozens of times each day. But it must be done precisely and accurately, each and every time.

(Re)train on specific techniques
In-company training courses can also cover specific techniques. For instance, ELISA, flow cytometry, quantitative PCR, etc. ‘We have all the equipment necessary in our labs: qPCR, flow cytometry, cell counters, micropipette calibration devices, and so on’, continues Béatrice Goxe. ‘But we can also offer courses on the client's premises, using their own equipment. In addition, we offer coaching services, for instance to improve the organisation of a laboratory.
The training courses do not cover just technical aspects: ‘We also have programmes that develop cross-cutting skills, as we work in close partnership with ULB's centre for continuing education in human sciences.

Addressing actual needs
In-company training courses are custom designed, taking into account the specific needs of each company and its employees. These needs are analysed before the course, in collaboration with a supervisor within the company, in order to optimise both the content and the format of the course and meet its learning outcomes. ‘All trainers at ULB HeLSci have excellent knowledge of academia and the private sector’, explains Béatrice Goxe. ‘Being located at the heart of a campus like the Biopark, surrounded by many academic and industrial organisations in the biotech sector, lets us stay on top of the industry's needs and evolution.

In practice
• Duration: 2 hours to several days (which can be spread out over several days or weeks)
• Location: on the client's premises, or at ULB HeLSci centre in Gosselies
• Pricing: contact us for a quote
• Information and booking here