A general-purpose 1st year of studies in life sciences

August 23rd 2018

Starting in the 2018-2019 academic year, students will have the opportunity to enrol in a general-purpose 1st year in life sciences in Charleroi. The goal of this new programme is to make science studies more accessible.

It can be difficult, for an 18-year-old, to plan out their entire academic career! ‘Some have yet to pick between a Bachelor in Biology, in Chemistry, in Pharmacy, in Biomedicine, or in Bioengineering,’ explains professor Muriel Moser, dean of ULB's Faculty of Sciences. ‘In collaboration with the university of Mons (UMONS), we now offer a 1st year of studies dedicated to life sciences in general. After completing the first year, they can join any of these five Bachelor programmes in year 2.’

A general-purpose curriculum

Like each academic year, this 1st year in life sciences is divided into two parts:
• during the 1st term, courses are common to all students: mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.
• in the 2nd term, students pick electives depending on their interests.

Classes for this general-purpose 1st year are given in Charleroi. Practical work sessions—especially in biology—are held at the Biopark and at the ULB-UMONS campus in the city centre.

A key to the future

After this general-purpose 1st year, students can continue their studies at either ULB or UMONS. Depending on their initial choices, they can then pursue a Master in Pharmacy, in Bioengineering, or in Chemistry, for instance. ‘By offering this 1st year in Charleroi, the university can contribute to the Hainaut region's socio-economic development,’ explains Prof. Moser. ‘This is a great opportunity for local students, who cannot easily access these studies or who might be hesitant to pursue them.
‘By picking these branches, students are guaranteed to find work after they graduate,’ adds Biopark director Dominique Demonté. ‘This can be either in pharmaceutical or chemical companies, or within our own research institutes. ‘And that's not even mentioning international career opportunities: Belgian researchers are especially sought after!

How to enrol?

Students who are interested in this programme can visit:
• the Zénobe Gramme university centre: office NA1, rue Lebeau, 6000 Charleroi;
• UMONS’ campus in Charleroi, on boulevard Joseph II, 6000 Charleroi; or
• UMONS’ campus, on Place du Parc 22, 7000 Mons.
Registration closes on October 31, 2018.
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