A ‘starter kit’ of training courses

October 23rd 2019

Continuing education centre ULB HeLSci offers a catalogue of basic training courses, from which employers can build their own ‘starter kit’ for new staff members.


Continuing education centre ULB HeLSci offers a dozen basic training courses that provide valuable skills in the biotech industry. Two types of courses exist:

  • technical modules, e.g. on using a micropipette, cell cultures, flow cytometry, ELISA, qPCR, etc.
  • topic-specific modules on oncology and immunology.

These basic courses can be attended one at a time, or grouped into training packages. ‘In this case, the 'starter kit' is built à la carte, depending on what the company or the researcher needs’, explains Erika Baus, head of science at ULB HeLSci. We can even help identify those needs.’


Courses suited to all profiles

The ‘starter kit’ is mainly intended for companies and spin-offs that wish to train their (new) employees on certain basic techniques. But the courses can also benefit others, for instance researchers who need to quickly learn a technique that they will use in an upcoming research project. ‘Almost all courses include a section devoted to hands-on activities’, says Erika Baus. ‘These can be hosted at the BioPark, but also on the client’s own premises.’


A growing online course catalogue

Companies often wait until they have hired a certain number of employees before they book training courses with ULB HeLSci. However, a number of courses are available on an e-learning platform. The company or individual participant receives login credentials that grant them unlimited access for 3 months.

Currently, four courses are available on the e-learning platform:

  • Two topic-specific modules: OncoStep and ImmunoKit
  • Two technical modules: ‘Flow Cytometry Starter Kit’ and ‘The Solution for Your Solutions’ (dilution calculations)

And more courses will be added as we develop the catalogue! The courses on cell culture, qPCR and ELISA should soon be available online. With fully or partly online courses, employee training is made even more flexible.


In practice

The cost and duration of the starter kit depend on the course package chosen.

See the catalogue of short training courses offered by ULB HeLSci here, and contact our specialists who can help you design a package that suits your needs, at the following number: +32 7 137 86 95.


Author: Candice Leblanc