Sypply Chain Process Manager (H/F/X)

August 23rd 2022

Exothera, a Univercells affiliate, is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) dedicated to virus and viral vector production. As a Univercells company, Exothera provides best-in-class bioprocessing expertise that capitalizes on novel manufacturing technologies. The company delivers accelerated process development/optimization to rapidly reach GMP clinical and commercial production of virus and viral vectors. At Exothera and Univercells, our mission is to make health equally accessible to all.

Mission Description

The Supply Chain Process Manager works under the direct responsibility of the Head of Supply Chain. He has analytical skills above the average. Our Supply Chain Process Manager audits, analyzes, and shares this analysis within Exothera. Our Supply Chain Process Manager is the key contact in the Supply Chain department on the process point of view. Concretely, our Supply Chain Process Manager is responsible for the monitoring and the improvements of our processes. More practically, he develops and updates KPI to evaluate on a static and dynamic way the robustness of our processes. 

Our Supply Chain Process Manager is the SPOC for the compliance and training part for the UEXO Supply Chain.


  • Manage all the processes related to the end-to-end vision of the department 
  • Audit the processes and make available data’s and graphs transversally enabling taking action on the ground as well as at management level
  • Make simulations and proposals/scenario with identification of benefits and losses to facilitate the decision to be taken by his management 
  • Be the SPOC of the department for improving and monitoring our processes
  • Be able to benchmark our practices and processes to anticipate and/or answer business/customer needs
  • Take part to the definition of objectives in terms of effective inventory management (identification, segregation, location, etc.)
  • Optimize the stocks and suggest areas of improvements
  • Propose models directly linked tp
    • Categorization of process / scale / project related to type of prospect / offer / contract / project (link with the Planner)
    • Deliveries planned 
    • Assumptions checked and approved transversally (finance, business, MSAT, etc.)
  • Participate to the creation and the respect of inventory objectives & indicators using data’s, analysis and optimization tools
  • Support the Supply Chain to improve the inventory turnover as well as the internal flows (reception, pickings, storage, inventories, shipping)
  • Put in place monthly reporting tools (inventory turnover, valuation, ABC classification, call-offs for deliveries, slow moving, obsolescence, …)
  • Analyze processes related to their efficiency and maturity
  • Anticipate according to requests/projects and in line with the vision of the company, the sizing of stock, (plan, Kardex, …) as well as the management of those stocks as a « responsible person »
  • Create, control, optimize the KPI thanks to his analytic capacities requested for this job
  • Be responsible for extracting data’s, for calculating and centralizing the KPIs and for providing analytic tools
  • Be able to create reporting tools for his department but also for all the company, answering the end-to-end vision of the department
  • SPOC for the Supply Chain for Quality and training’s part
  • Be responsible for deviations, CAPA follow up
  • Assure the follow up and the respect of the timings related to deviations and CAPA
  • Put in place improvements projects or initiatives putting the quality at the center
  • Put in place indicators to guarantee the compliance (deviations / CAPA efficiency, deviations / CAPA overdue, CAPA effectiveness, evolution / trend, etc.)
  • Escalate risks and/or problems and/or opportunities
  • Be able to propose actions plan for curative as well as preventive aspects
  • SPOC for the internal and external audits for the Supply Chain
  • Coordinate the maintenance of the equipment’s stored in the warehouses
  • Put in place indicator for the capacity of the equipment’s and anticipate
  • Define CAPEX plans and propose investments to reach the objectives of the department and answer the growth of the company
  • Be responsible for the qualification process of our equipment’s

Candidate profile

  • Economy, IT bachelor/master or equivalent relevant experience
  • at least 5 years experience in an equivalent job and with experience in Bio/Pharma/Life science environment. 
  • think « out-of-the-box » and bring innovative new ideas
  • fluent in French and English
  • Good knowledge of the pharmaceutical world, its products, and the Supply Chain
  • Experience in SAP
  • You like to work with figures and data’s
  • Perfect knowledge in terms of industrial informatics to be able to propose any improvements for the ERP as well as for other tools / systems  
  • Skills in lean management (Kanban, Kaizen…)
  • Anticipation, organization, and proactivity to anticipate any unplanned events
  • Successful experience in leadership
  • Encourage up/down initiatives around empowerment
  • Suitability to fix his priorities in short delays
  • Highly motivated, engaged, autonomous, willing to learn and rigorous 
  • Perfect interpersonal and communication skills to be efficient in establishing reliable contacts, getting the confidence, and understanding the requirements of all the stakeholders


Sypply Chain Process Manager (H/F/X)

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