INTERNSHIP – CSR Investment Intern (H/F/X)

April 9th 2021

At Univercells, we are committed to revolutionizing the availability of biologics around the world, by making vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other essential medicines affordable to all, in quality and price. Univercells is an innovative investment company overseeing four biotechnology businesses in different degrees of maturity: a biomanufacturing equipment company, a contract manufacturer, a vaccine company, and a healthcare company. Together, we focus on increasing the availability of affordable vaccines and biotherapeutics to address global health challenges. The company is developing turnkey solutions for a series of vaccines and biotherapeutics to be delivered at an affordable price. By relying on proprietary core technologies and a continuous process intensification approach, production is achieved with a smaller footprint, and significantly lower overall capital and operational costs.

Mission Description

Internship title:

  • Perceptions & Pricing of Sustainability in Financial Markets – Assessing whether a Mission / Sustainability Focus drives a discount or premium from Investors

About the internship:

  • The Investment team at Univercells is looking for a new member who is enthusiastic about sustainability, the environment and CSR in innovation in the biotechnology sector. An analytical approach is valued. Becoming part of this team and collaborating on the exciting output, as well as, other smaller deliverables within this project will provide invaluable experience for anyone interested in learning more about the biotechnology sector, working in agile environments and how drugs and vaccines can be produced sustainably, affordably, and ecologically. There is a broad scope that will allow you to focus on relevant topics based on your interests. You will have room to maneuver and are welcome to play an active role in defining the scope of your project. We look forward to welcoming you! 
  • Learn about an innovative biotechnology company with a core ethos of making biologics available for all. With corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our values.
  • Work directly with the Chief Investment Officer & Investment Function; collaborating with Investor Relations, Finance and potentially Univercells’ shareholders.
  • Assess whether financial markets offer a premium or a discount to companies that are socially responsible, especially in the biotechnology sector.
  • This may include case studies of particular companies, broad markets analysis and/or assessment of sustainability certifications (e.g. B-Corp).
  • Collaborate on the preparation, research, analysis and writing of a key white paper targeted at internal and external stakeholders.
  • Review literature around financial markets and sustainability trends.
  • Gain collaborative exposure to various teams and departments across the company. 

Key objectives of the internship:

Eager to have a real impact? At the end of the internship, you will have delivered concrete outputs:

  • Collaborated in the preparation of an important analysis for Univercells’ future trajectory
  • Gained understanding of how financial markets perceive mission and sustainability, with first-hand insights into corporate financial decision making. 
  • Worked on and prepared relevant deliverables both of value to the company and of interest to you. 

Candidate profile

About you:

Are you the talent we are looking for? We look for a motivated student who can demonstrate:

  • Strategic and creative thinking
  • Ability to conduct independent research and analysis
  • Strong writing skills 
  • Team-working through open discussion and brainstorming 

Specific required skills

For this internship it is important that you are very comfortable with:

  • Literature and data analysis
  • Engaging with financial concepts
  • Sustainability, environment, and corporate finance issues 
  • Working in a fast-moving company with constant innovation

Educational background:

Even if we always favor personality and skills, we believe this internship will best suit students with the following profile:

  • Business or finance degree
  • English fluent verbal and written (B2 or above) 


Expected start date:

03/2021 (we are flexible)


Min: …. months

Max: ….. months

Location: (even if nowadays remote working will be privileged)

Contact Details

Are you interested by this opportunity? Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to Anna Dal Borgo, our Talent Acquisition Manager Attach your CV, motivation letter and specify the title of the internship you are interested in.