Public Affairs Associate (H/F/X)

March 26th 2021

At Univercells, we are on a mission to make health equally accessible to all. We work every day to reinvent biomanufacturing processes, and develop or integrate the next innovative technologies. Through the combination of process development and engineering expertise, we create synergies to deliver game-changing production capacities to achieve our mission: Biologics available and affordable to all!

Mission Description

The Investment Function is working at Univercells to create a new precedent for what it means to build mission-driven businesses in biotechnology. Our goal is to demonstrate to the world that global health is an investible asset class and sustainability means taking a comprehensive, long-term view of all the risks and ultimately drives value. We bring people, partners, capital and ideas together to build Univercells Group as a portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by the original mission, building shareholder value whilst mindful of our social, economic and environmental responsibilities. We are unafraid to continually challenge assumptions and encourage change in order to pursue sustainable growth.

Part of this function is managing external stakeholder engagement and in particular professionalizing and improving Univercells’ relationships with public sector stakeholders – including but not limited to: Belgian and European governing bodies and policy markets; low- and middle-income public sector stakeholders (ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of health; etc); international development agencies and trade organisations.

The Public Affairs Associate is the first step in creating a new function at Univercells, supporting improved engagement with global governance and policy-making bodies as well as improved awareness of Univercells’ potential contribution to global health and sustainability. The role includes co-ordinating Univercells Group interactions with public sector stakeholders and that the activities and messaging of Univercells’ affiliates, and the group as a whole, is consistent and contributing to the advancement of global public health goals. This includes protecting Univercells’ broader mission of supporting autonomy of production of key health products for nation states by facilitating decentralized manufacturing. 


The Public Affairs Associate will work with the Chief Investment Officer on:

  • Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement: putting Univercells on the map with Donor Governments (EC; UK/Canada/Norway/etc Development Agencies) and other global stakeholders (WEF; UN; and European Institutions etc). 
  • LMIC Government Relations: develop and execute a comprehensive approach to engaging with LMIC nation states (including supporting/co-ordinating affiliate outreach), including working with admin staff and affiliates on logistics for State Visits. 
  • Landscaping and monitoring policy issues affecting Univercells Group, and working with affiliates to identify & support relevant public policy initiatives 
  • Represent the business with Trade Associations (European; other): reviewing and selecting relevant associations, managing membership. 

Candidate profile

  • Postgraduate Tertiary Education 
  • 1-2 years experience in consulting, public affairs etc
  •  Enthusiasm for Global Health
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Strong sense of observation, inventive & critical mindset, curiosity and problem-solving skills
  • Proactivity, flexibility, work organizational skills
  • Enthusiasm and agility to work on a variety of projects
  • Capability to work in a cross-functional and multi-cultural team
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken); other relevant languages is a plus



For more information please contact to Univercells

Contact Details

For more information please contact to Univercells