INTERNSHIP – GO-to-Market Plan

March 3rd 2021

Univercells is an innovative investment holding overseeing four biotechnology businesses in different degrees of maturity: a biomanufacturing equipment company, a contract manufacturer, a vaccine company, and a healthcare company. Together, we focus on increasing the availability of affordable vaccines and biotherapeutics to address global health challenges. The company is developing a turnkey solution for a series of vaccines and biotherapeutics to be delivered at an affordable price. By relying on proprietary core technologies and a continuous process intensification approach, production is achieved with a smaller footprint, and significantly lower overall capital and operational costs.

Mission Description

Do these things interest you? During the internship, you will:

  • Develop a go-to-market plan for a biotech company. 
  • Perform an in-depth market analysis and collect market intelligence.
  • Determine market value, volume, players, segmentation, etc.
  • Capture industry trends.
  • Collect competitive intelligence. 
  • Build a database and analyze the captured data.
  • Build an actionable plan to direct Univercells sales force.

Key objectives of the internship:

Eager to have a real impact? At the end of the internship you will have delivered concrete outputs:

  • A market analysis of the vaccine industry.
  • A detailed database of the vaccine industry. 
  • A mapping prioritizing the market segments. 
  • An actionable go-to-market plan. 
  • A deep understanding of the vaccine industry.

Candidate profile

Are you the talent we are looking for? We look for a motivated student who can demonstrate:

  • Ability to familiarize quickly with unknown subjects and baseline curiosity.
  • Accountability and strong capability of working autonomously in a changing and diverse environment. 
  • Detail & goal-oriented, persistent, and with an analytical mindset. 
  • Business sense. 
  • Affinity to biotech and start-ups
  • Capable to take initiative.
  • Both strategic and hands-on mindset.
  • Team-oriented and proactive.
  • Sense of humor and with a touch of fun: even if we work seriously, we do not take ourselves (too) seriously!
  • (You can apply alone or as a team of two students)

Specific required skills

For this internship specifically, it’s important that you are very comfortable with:

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English.
  • Familiar with the business vocabulary.
  • Excel is one of your best friends, especially databases.
  • Capacity to translate analysis into relevant & comprehensive contents.
  • Ability to conduct literature and online research.

Educational background:

Even if we always favor personality and skills, we believe this internship will best suit students with the following profile:

  • MSc student in business subject (International business, innovation, marketing, finance, etc.)
  • AND / OR 
  • MSc student in biotech studies (Biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, etc.)



Min: 2 months

Max: 6 months

Location: Brussels (even if nowadays remote working will be privileged)

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