March 3rd 2021

At Univercells, we are committed to revolutionizing biologics availability around the world, by making vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other essential medicines affordable to all, in quality and price.

Mission Description

Do these things interest you? During the internship, you will:

  • Deep dive into Univercells’s organisation structure and workforce composition in order to get a clear understanding of our current set of functions.
  • Clarify the function's names and key contents through a detailed assessment. 
  • Based on our current job classification, define the roles and scope of responsibilities of each function, from junior to senior positions.
  • Map our current set of functions and link them with the expected level of responsibilities and skills related to each of them.
  • Ensure alignment between the functions and the roles & duties related to each of them across our four subsidiaries.
  • Present and document the new functions mapping and communicate it to the management team.

Key objectives of the internship:

Eager to have a real impact? At the end of the internship, you will have delivered concrete outputs:

  • A detailed and extended job classification of all the functions of a company.
  • A mapping of the roles, soft-skills, competencies, and expertise required at each level of an organisation.
  • A consolidated overview of the Univercells workforce.
  • A clear HR document and a robust communication plan. 

You will have also reinforced the key following skills:

  • Leading interviews with the major stakeholders of an organisation. 
  • Extracting key information from these interviews and analyzing them.
  • Establishing coherent grids and matrix based on your analyses.
  • Building professional HR documents and policies understandable by a diverse population of employees.
  • Ensuring impactful communication towards a business in constant evolution.
  • Collaborating with Human Resources experts, Business Developers, Organisational Developers, etc. in an agile and flexible environment.

Candidate profile

Are you the talent we are looking for? We look for a motivated student who can demonstrate:

  • Accountability and strong capability of working autonomously in a changing and diverse environment. 
  • Who is passionate about people management, organisational development, human resources, and workforce transformation.
  • Having a sense of the details and very rigorous in his/her work.
  • Capable to take initiatives and interact with the senior leadership team.
  • Both strategic and hands-on mindset.
  • Team-oriented and proactive.
  • Sense of humor and with a touch of fun: even if we work seriously, we do not take ourselves (too) seriously!

Specific required skills

For this internship specifically, it’s important that you have:

  • Excellent speaking and writing skills in English.
  • Familiar with the business vocabulary, especially in the HR domain.
  • Knowledge in the field of job classification methods is a plus.
  • The ability to organise and facilitate interviews professionally & remotely.
  • An analytical mindset, skilled to create and write content on various HR topics.
  • Capacity to translate analysis into relevant & comprehensive contents. 

Educational background:

Even if we always favor personality and skills, we believe this internship will best suit students with the following profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree with an orientation on Human Resources, Management Science, Organisational Psychology, Economics, Corporate Strategy.
  • Bachelor’s degree minimum, currently in master.


Min: 3 months

Max: 6 months

Location: Brussels (even if nowadays remote working will be privileged)

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